Welcome to Goats ‘n’ Roses

Goats ‘n’ Roses is a small business producing prime kid and goat meat with the herd of traditional pedigree Boer goats, the Goats ‘n’ Roses herd (former Cwmduad).

Boer buck under tree

My current herd sire Sepp of Goats N Roses

I only sell meat from my own pedigree Boers, I don’t sell meat from bought in, dairy or crossbreed goats. Pedigree Boer goat meat has outstanding qualities.

I don’t feed my goats compound feeds to speed up and impress with their daily weight gain, my animals mature naturally, I only supplement them if necessary with straights (grain rather than pellets) to avoid tainting the taste and smell of the meat.

Quality breeding stock is also selected and registered with the BBGS to sell to other enthusiasts.


The delicious prime Goats ‘n’ Roses’ Boer goat meat can be ordered anytime.

I post the planned processing dates on the goat meat page.


Please have a wonder through my site and thank you for showing interest in Goats ‘n’ Roses.


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